Membership FAQ

1) Do I need to sign up for multiple tiers to get all the content?

No. You should only sign up for one tier, all tiers have access to the tiers before them.

2) When am I billed?

You are billed at the time of sign up, and then automatically every month after.

3) If I cancel in the middle of the month, will I still get content for the rest of the month?

No. Your access to content will be cut of the moment you change or cancel your membership.

4) If I change my membership in the middle of the month will it take effect immediately?

Yes. Changes take effect the moment payment clears. This counts for both increasing and decreasing in tiers.

5) How can I upgrade my membership?

You can do that any time from your account page.

Please note, that if you upgrade your membership you will be charged the full amount for the new membership at the time of upgrade. If you downgrade your membership you will not be refunded for the difference. We recommend making changes toward the end of your billing cycle.

At any time you can check the status of your recurring payment in PayPal. To access recurring payments in PayPal click on your profile, payments, and then preapproved payments.

6) How can I know my subscription was cancelled/properly updated?

To confirm what’s showing on the site you’ll need to go to PayPal and check your recurring payments.

Here’s PayPal’s explanation on how to do that, it’s very simple and a good idea in general to make sure you know what subscriptions you belong to:

7) How can I access my member RSS feed?

If you want an RSS feed that just has the content you subscribe for you can go to your Account Overview page and scroll to the bottom. There you’ll find your unique membership RSS link.

8) What if I want to give more?

That’s very generous, thank you.

When you sign up you can make a one-time donation that doesn’t affect your monthly billing amount.

If you’d like to make any additional donations you can do so at any time with this button (irregardless of if you have a membership or not):

9) Do I need an account if I’m a supporter on

Yes. Patreons will need to make accounts and then will use coupon codes provided monthly to access the content at no additional cost. If you set up PayPal through the site and do not cancel your account you will be effectively be paying twice – Please be careful and don’t do this! Detailed instructions on how to set up accounts and use the coupon codes are sent out and posted on Patreon.