Anime Oscars 2016

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It’s time for the 6th annual Anime Oscars Award Show voting! The Anime Oscars,  sponsored by the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast, will be held on February 26th at 5pm EST on Youtube.  If you feel that you cannot cast an educated ballot in a specific category please don’t hesitate to use the ABSTAIN option. Some info regarding the anime selections below.

Nominations were provided by the AAA Podcast, Otaku Spirit, Anivision, TPWA Podcast, and Anime World Order.  The nominations below are of series only (no movies, OVAs or specials) that had at least one season ending in the 2016 calendar year.

Best Original Series

Choose the best Original Anime of 2016

Action-Adventure 17

Choose the best Action Adenture Anime of 2016

Romance 17

Choose the best Romance Anime of 2016

Drama 17

Choose the best Drama Anime of 2016

slice of life 17

Choose the best Slice of Life Anime of 2016

comedy 17

Choose the best Comedy Anime of 2016

fantasy 17

Choose the best Fantasy Anime of 2016

Sports 17

Choose the best Sports Anime of 2016

scifi 17

Choose the best Sci-fi Anime of 2016

Actress 17

Choose the best Actress (Best female character) of 2016

Actor 17

Vote for best Actor (Best Male Character)

score 17

Vote for the anime with the best music.

animation 17

Vote for the anime with the best animation.

pooper scooper 17

Vote for the worst anime of 2016. "The Pooper Scooper"

best of 17

Vote for the best anime of 2016!