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Dedicated to Making Your Anime Addiction Worse.

Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast - Dedicated to Making Your Anime Addiction Worse.

Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast

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The Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast hosts ( discuss the depreciation of the yen and what it means for those wanting to travel to Japan for tourism and for those hoping to work in Japan. Watch us live ON YOUTUBE, HERE

Fall 2014 Anime Impressions:
Donten ni Warau
Denki-gai no Honya-san
Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken
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Do you live and die by video games? Chance are, if you’re in America you’re limited to enjoying all the wonders of gaming in your own home. But, in Japan, the arcade isn’t dead. Wonderful places full of the noise of metals clinking, rhythm games, the latest Mario Kart, and people winning UFO machines. We talk about why arcades still exist in Japan and what makes them great.

Reviews: Tokyo Ghoul
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We’ve been doing this for a bit, and naturally you have questions for us. We love hearing from you and the AAAPodcast tries to answer every mailbag sent to us on the show. But, sometimes, we can’t keep up with our wonderfully enthusiastic listeners. At times like this we dedicate an entire show to answering your anime related questions.

Reviews: Zankyou no Terror
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This is an anime that is definitely 21+ to play along and recommended for a more mature audience as it is explicit. The third incarnation of the AAAPodcast drinking game we drink to the anime Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan, learn the rules and drink along (if it’s legal in your country to do so) or, just listen […]

Review: Free Eternal Summer
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The Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast discusses the new fall 2014 anime season on their weekly podcast. What are we most looking forward to and what we will avoid. To discuss our picks with us is the new host Kazuo!  MITSUGI: Pick 1 – Kiseijuu (number 1) Studio Madhouse Director – Kenichi Shimizu – nothing Summary – […]

Review: Black Bullet
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The slice of life anime, the school horror, paranormal fantasy, often times they all draw from the cultural background that an anime set in Japan can offer. But, what about anime set outside of Japan? The hosts discuss anime that takes place beyond the land of the rising sun.

Review: Ping Pong the Animation
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