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– Podcast 395 –

Anime Animal Deathmatch 3000

Review: Fall Impressions 3

watch on YouTube (November 5th at 5pm EST)

– Podcast 396 –

Anime Addict Confessional:

Top 10 anime we are ashamed to have not seen (Suggested by Cuee)

Review: Final Fall Impressions

watch on YouTube (November 12th at 5pm EST)

– Podcast 397 –

Top 10: Japan vs USA

Review: Boku no Hero Academia S2

watch on Youtube (November 19th at 5pm EST)

– Podcast 398 –

Anime Boom: What should be done to ensure the continued growth of the industry? (Suggested by BlackShinobi956)

Review: Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho 

watch on YouTube (November 26th at 5pm EST)

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