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Upcoming Episodes

– 2016 Anime Oscars –

We celebrate the best anime of 2016 with the 6th annual Anime Oscars Award Show.

watch on YouTube (February 26th at 5pm EST)

– Podcast 363 –

Anime for beginner Japanese language learners.

Reviews: Tiger Mask W

watch on YouTube (March 5th at 5:00pm EST)

– Podcast 364 –

The Anime Addicts debate a variety of anime topics for your entertainment. Who wins each debate? You decide!

Review: Keijo!!!!

watch on YouTube (March 12th at 5pm EST)


– Podcast 365 –

The Anime Addicts roast each other and get roasted by live callers. It’s a whole episode of talking shit.

Hibike Euphonium 2

watch on YouTube (March 19th at 5pm EST)

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